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Extended License

In order to use Iconly with a specific license please fill out the information below.
Using more than 300 Iconly icons in a project
Include Iconly Pro in a project where they are inline with the core value.
Include more than 100 Iconly Pro icons in a template/theme/plugin offered for sale.

*The icons contribute to the core value if they're not just used as design elements, but they're integrated in more advanced ways.

Core value contribution examples:
  • You're integrating the Iconly Pro icons into a website builder
  • You're integrating the Iconly Pro icons into a presentation software
  • Your end users can select an icon using your application
The extended license covers one project (e.g., one website, one application, one template...).
You can't allow your users to download the Iconly Pro icons directly via your application/product.
You can't purchase an extended license for an open source project.
Iconly Pro Copyright notice is needed for downloadable digital files.
Sharing your Login credentials is prohobited.

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What plan do you need for the products?
Does Iconly Pro contribute to the core value of your project?
How many Iconly Pro icons do you want to include in your project?