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Iconly Pro - Thousands of icons with lifetime updates. | Product HuntIconly Pro - Thousands of icons with lifetime updates. | Product Hunt
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What's inside the box?

Flat icons

Access to more than 30K flat icons in 6 styles with more than 68 different categories!


We are animating tons of icons that will be available to use on the Iconly app!


we wanted to bring Iconly into a new atmosphere.

Optimized for every type of skills
With more than 0K icons, you can almost work on any product with ease.
Easiest way to choose icons for every kind of projects.
Icons for every type of content.we have crafted icons for each type of content you create!
We made a super cool app for Windows and Mac
You no longer need to design any icons, Simply search for what you need and the right icon forms itself around your words.
V 1.2.0
V 1.2.0
Change color
Easily customize every icon based on your taste and creativity.
Copy & Paste
You can copy icons in different sizes and formats and use them easily in others apps.
Change Stroke
Customize every icon with changing stroke and lots of upcoming new features!
What do people say about Iconly?
We are adding more icons and updating the existing icons in the pro pack everyday. Just like the new users joining iconly family each day.
Up to
Awesome icons
Up to
Up to
Views on Figma
By installing the Iconly app you get to see the new icons before everyone else and you grant access to varoius new features in each update that we push for the app! Iconly app is available for Windows and Macos.
24px Standard icons designed perfect!
We have designed more than 24K percisely crafted icons in 64 categories so that you can use these icons effortlessly in your projects.
The story of “ Iconly icon pack “ which is now known and downloaded ~300k times worldwide, started with a small step, a beginning for a series of exciting things that happened next. Things that pump that excitement levels up in us...
+64 Superb categories
Great icons with an even greater categories. We have categorized our icons in +64 categories so that you can use these icons effortlessly in your projects. We are also add more each month for the pro version.

Try any of our plans, Lifetime update is the best


We’ll update the pro icons for a lifetime, purchase lifetime and never miss out on new updates!


USD/single user
1 member
Access to 0 icons
Lifetime updates
Best choice for full-time jobs
Premium support


5 member
Access to 0 icons
Lifetime updates
Best of choice for Big companies
Premium support
Iconly is the choice of pros!
Our customers love how easy it is to find these awesome icons!
Have you used iconly in your product? Let us know!
Join our community with more than 300K users to show off your products designed with iconly!
Frequently Asked Questions
We’d like you to be able to use iconly in the best way. The section below will tell you how.
How many styles and types are included in the Iconly app?
You will have access to 6 styles in the initial version we will continue to add more exciting icons in the future.
Can I order custom icons for my personal project?
Yes! We accept custom icon projects alongside working on the pro icons
How can I request new icons?
You can always request new icons. Use the #request_new_icon in the discord channel and we will try to add the requested icons in the next updates.
How many devices can I use with my subscription?
In order to ensure our users' privacy Iconly account can only be signed in only in one device at a time, Logging in to the account with a new device will expire your previous session.
How can I refund my money?
You can cancel your plan using the option for it in the settings. After canceling the subscription your money will be refunded.
Is there any option for customizing icons and saving them for myself?
Yes, you can use the color and stroke options to customize the icons in the way that you like them.
What’s the payment method?
We are using stripe. for more information please visit
How can I unsubscribe from emails?
Click on the unsubscribe button on the emails that you have received from iconly.
How many Icons are there in the app for free?
We have a free app with 750 icons for general use and for users to try out our icons before purchasing.
What’s the difference between personal plan and team?
You can use the team plan to use the app alongside with your teammates. Also, we are planning to add more team-specific features in the future.
I purchased a personal yearly plan 3 months ago. I wanna upgrade my plan to team. how much must I pay?
Head to settings > my plan and upgrade your plan based on the instructions provided in the screen.
Will be added more icons in the future?
We are updating Pro icons on a monthly basis. Also each month we are adding new 3D and Animated icons.
Is Iconly Completely Premium?
No, we have a free pack with 1950 icons available for use. Keep in mind that free icons are updated very slower than the pro version.
What’s inside the Iconly app? Icon/3D/Animation
In addition to the flat icons, we will be adding cool animated and 3D icons soon in the app.
What’s the format that I can export?
Currently, you can only export SVG and PNG and we are planning to add other formats such as font too.